Our Lady of the foreigners
Our story begins in the years of the Turkish occupation happened something that looks like a fairy tale, but believe me it's a true story. Everything started in a small mountainous village, the Hioniades in Epirus and will finish in Tinos Island. ...Cosmas put the icon of Santa Maria inside his bundle and started. It took him three days to reach the port...
Just two streets before reaching the port his ear caught conversations of the passing people and realized that the big ship he could see in the port from high above was a commercial one and it was the last day that the captain was looking for men to hire as sailors. Just one lane before reaching the port he realized also that the ship was a Turkish one as well as its crew. What should he do? He knew well enough the Turkish language, for them to be suspicious of him of not being a Turk. So, he went in a corner of the street behind a hut, he opened his bundle to change clothes to look like a poor Turk. ...
Outside the ship on the mole was sitting on a chair the old captain and ship owner. And he got a job as a sailor thear... After long trir the ship was in danger in a storm ... The old ship owner every now and then was counting his sailors from the prow to the stern to be sure that nobody was taken by the waves. At some instant counting he was missing one. It was Imbraheem, i.e. Cosmas. He looked uneasy at the stormy sea, but he couldn't see anything. He called the second in command to hold the tiller in his place and started searching the ship. Finally he went to the hold. Complete darkness and suddenly he stumbled on something. A crumpled body, it was Imbraheem bending over the icon of the Blessed Virgin.
The old captain got confused and was furious. He took his yataghan (cutlass) and lifted it up to cut off his head...
And ... although seems like fairy tale believe me it true story written in the island on Tinos

Illystrated dy MARINA PETRI

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